Perpetual Grace

Grace Church established Perpetual Grace to recognize members and friends of our parish who have made a planned gift commitment to Grace Church in their will or estate plan.

You can become a Perpetual Grace member by informing us that you have included The Grace Legacy Fund in your estate plan. Just fill out the Perpetual Grace Declaration of Intent Form  and return it to the church office to clarify your intentions.

The Planned Giving and Gifts Committee will provide periodic education events and there will be an annual dinner to celebrate new members participating in Perpetual Grace. You will join a community of like-minded members and be recognized on a plaque displayed in the church.

About the Grace Legacy Fund

The vestry established the Grace Legacy Fund as an easy means for members to support specific ministries at Grace Church beyond their lifetime. The Grace Legacy Fund is similar to an endowment fund in which planned gifts are invested for future growth and its income supports the mission and vision of Grace Church. Gifts to this fund can be directed to specific church ministries:

  • Altar Guild / Flowers
  • Children & Youth Ministries
  • Church Building
  • Columbarium and Gardens
  • Mission, Ministry and Outreach
  • St. Matthew’s Mission
  • Women’s Ministries
  • Undesignated

Becoming a Perpetual Grace member

All you need to do is acknowledge that you have named the Grace Legacy Fund in your estate plan. The amount of your gift is a personal and confidential decision. Our goal is to honor perpetual supporters and increase awareness of this wonderful way to support the future of our parish.

If you are interested in participating in Perpetual Grace, please contact the Rev. Todd McDowell, or a member of the Planned Giving and Gifts Committee (Ron Ryan or Larry Reimelt). They are your sources for helpful information and resource assistance to help you include the Grace Legacy Fund in your estate plan.

Frequently asked questions about planned giving

If I have already included Grace Church in my will or estate plan, am I already a member of Perpetual Grace?

Simply notify us that you have already named the church in your estate plan by filling out and returning the Perpetual Grace Declaration of Intent Form.

How will Grace Church use my planned gift after I am gone and can I provide any direction for its use?

By naming The Grace Legacy Fund of Grace Episcopal Church, 514 E. Argonne Drive, Kirkwood, MO 63122 in your estate plan documents, your gift will be part of the fund, with income benefiting the future of Grace Church. Yes, you can designate use on the Declaration of Intent Form. Planned gifts simply naming Grace Episcopal Church will be directed to the Grace Legacy Fund, with designated use to be decided by the vestry.

Why is it important for members of Grace Church to include the church in their estate plan?

Many of our current ministries are funded by member pledges and investment income from the endowment funds.

Can I keep my plans confidential?

Yes. It is your decision whether you choose to provide details of your planned gift to Grace Church. We do request a copy of the language in your will or trust so we can help assure proper designation.

I don’t have a large estate. Will my gift make a difference?

Abosultely. All gifts make a difference.

Grace Church strongly urges you to consult with your attorney, financial and/or tax advisor to review this information provided to you without charge or obligation. This information in no way constitutes legal or financial advice.




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