Grace Episcopal Church launched a fundraising campaign in December, 2015 to update our kitchen appliances and hospitality ministry supplies.

The Needs:

It’s time to update Grace’s kitchen!

After more than 50 years of faithful service, our dishwasher quit working this summer. Our refrigerator quit cooling the weekend of our fall parish picnic. Our range and ovens are outdated and very difficult to use. Our tables are falling apart and are a heavy burden to move. Our metal folding chairs are old and so uncomfortable!

Hospitality is one of our strongest ministries at Grace Church and the kitchen plays a big role in that ministry. We need to invest in our future by replacing and updating the tools we use to carry out our church’s mission.

The Solution:

We have purchased and installed a new dishwasher and refrigerator to replace the broken machines. Because these were unexpected expenses, they were not included in our annual budget. We have temporarily borrowed from other church funds to cover the costs.

Now we would like to ask parish members to prayerfully consider contributing to a short-term fundraising project to replace the borrowed money and provide for other prioritized needs for our kitchen and service area.

Reaching our Goal:

Our goal is to raise $24,400 between Advent and the beginning of Lent (February 9, 2016).

Our first donations will go toward repaying the loan for the two items we have already replaced.

Donations beyond that will go toward items in order of the priority as set by your Vestry.

Any donations that surpass our goal will go into a kitchen maintenance fund to provide for future needs.

The Details:

dishwasherPriority #1:

The dishwasher is one of the most-used item in our kitchen. Our old dishwasher served us well for more than 50 years but broke over the summer. Parts are no longer made to repair the old machine. A new unit was installed in early November. We temporarily borrowed money from other Grace funds to purchase the new dishwasher. Now we need to pay ourselves back.

refrigeratorPriority #2:

We purchased a new double-door refrigerator in our kitchen this fall after one of our units quit cooling. Once again we discovered that parts were no longer available to make repairs. We were able to purchase a new but slightly dented unit, which gave us a considerable savings over the regular price. We temporarily borrowed money from other Grace funds to pay for this appliance. Now we need to pay ourselves back.

Priority #3:range

We would like to purchase a new range to replace the original unit which is now more than 50 years old. The new range will have six burners, a griddle and two ovens.

convection ovenPriority #4:
Convection Oven

We would like to purchase a new convection oven to replace the two broiler/pizza ovens. These ovens are stackable, so a second unit could be added at a later date if we find we need it.

Priority #5:tables

If you have ever set up for an event at Grace, you know how difficult it is to deal with our old heavy wooden tables. We would like to purchase 14 new lightweight resin tables at $100 each to replace the old tables.

chairsPriority #6:

We would like to replace our old, peeling, cold, uncomfortable metal folding chairs with comfortable, easy-to-stack chairs. The Women of Grace recently purchased 80 of these chairs as a gift to the church. We would like to add 100 more at $19 each to allow us to get rid of all the metal chairs.

Your Decision to Give:

Every gift is important! Please prayerfully consider how much you would like to contribute to support our kitchen remodeling project. You can make your donation in one payment or make three monthly payments (see suggestions below). You can pay by check, credit card or through our online payment system. Please send your donation to the Grace Church office no later than February 9, 2016.

Suggested Contributions:

  •  $5,000 or  3 monthly payments of $1,667
  • $2,500 or 3 monthly payments of $833
  • $1,000 or 3 monthly payments of $333
  • $500 or 3 monthly payments of $167
  • $250 or 3 monthly payments of $83
  • $100 or 3 monthly payments of $33
  • Other: $___

Thank you for your generosity in helping us achieve our goals. If you have any questions about this effort, please contact Fr. Todd McDowell.