The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri

Grace Episcopal Church is one of 46 parishes in Eastern Missouri that make up the Diocese of Missouri.

diocese of mo logoThe Mission of the Diocese of Missouri is the mission of all baptized Christians: to teach and to spread the Gospel and its knowledge of salvation to all people; and to make the love of Christ known in the world through our own actions as individuals, as congregations, and as the Diocese, by feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, housing the homeless, caring for the sick, visiting the prisoner, and comforting those in times of trouble.

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The Episcopal Church

The Diocese of Missouri is one of 109 dioceses and three regional areas in 16 nations of The Episcopal Church.
The Episcopal Church strives to live by the message of Christ, in which there are no outcasts and all are welcome. Walking a middle way between Roman Catholicism and Protestant traditions, we are a sacramental and worship-oriented church that promotes thoughtful debate about what God is calling us to do and be, as followers of Christ.

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The Worldwide Anglican Communion

The Episcopal Church is a member of the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

The Anglican Communion is comprised of over 80 million members in 44 regional and national member churches around the globe in over 160 countries. These churches all trace their roots to the Church of England, and maintain a communion with it, hence the name Anglican.

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