Our Vestry

The Vestry is the elected lay leadership of our church. They are responsible for setting the tone and policies of our church. At each Annual Meeting, three new members of the vestry are elected by the congregation to serve three-year terms.

The Senior Warden is chosen by the Rector to serve as an adviser and is charged with church oversight in the absence of a Rector. The Senior Warden serves a one-year term.

The Junior Warden is elected by the Vestry and is generally in charge of the physical property of the church. This is also a one-year term.

Other officers can be Vestry members or members-at-large elected by the Vestry.

The remaining vestry members serve in leadership roles on all committees of the church. These assignments change each year with the addition of newly-elected vestry members.

The Vestry meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

Executive Committee:

The Rev. Todd McDowell, Rector: todd.mcdowell@gracekirkwood.org

Lynette Ballard, Senior Warden (2019): lynballard@att.net

Mike Johnson, Junior Warden (2019): johnson-mike@sbcglobal.net

Tim Engelbrecht, Treasurer: TimEnglebrect@Regions.com

Non-Voting Member:

Sue Nixon, Secretary: tmnkwd@charter.net
(elected by Vestry)

Vestry Members:

Kurt Feigley (2015):kurt.feigley@gmail.com

Rebecca Harrison (2020): rharri7176@aol.com

Mike Heyer (2018): mwheyer@aol.com

Chris Ludbrook (2020): christopher_ludbrook@yahoo.com

Pat O’Brien (2019): pmobri@gmail.com

Marty O’Leary (2018): martyoleary@yahoo.com

Tom Voller (2020): vollert@mir.wustl.edu

Grace Convention Delegates
  • Betty Bowersox (2019)
  • John Dotson (2019)
  • Michele Nicosia (2018)
  • Vince Nicosia (Alternate)