by Michele Nicosia

The Women of Grace Holiday Sale on Saturday, Dec. 2 will again include the popular HOLIDAY/ JEWELRY  BOUTIQUE. Every lady knows this is a FANTASTIC opportunity to clear out neglected bling and acquire some different sparkle at amazing prices. So head for your jewelry box now and root out the pretties no longer worn, as well as broken jewelry, lonely single earrings and interesting old buttons. We also want cookie tins/boxes, lovely lapel pins and all Christmas décor and ornaments. We take all-season holiday items, too. Drop off your items in Grace’s library.

CHRISTMAS: We are expanding our boutique this year to include Christmas tins/boxes that are in good condition for cookie gifts. We continue to solicit all Christmas décor items as well as ornaments.  All of us have Christmas items we no longer use, and no one to love them. Please carefully store any sets in separate bags, egg cartons or divided boxes; be especially careful of breakable ones.

MATCHED JEWELRY SETS (like earrings/necklace/bracelet) should be put in one bag marked “SET” so they find a good home together.

EARRINGS: Clips, screw-ons, pierced or wire dangles– our shoppers love them all!!  Please put pairs of earrings together on an index card so we don’t have to hunt for their mate. Fill up the card if you wish; tape down wire dangles to keep them in place.

CHAINS: Please do not put a lot of chains in one bag; they tangle horribly. Mini snack bags are great for keeping chains separated.

BROKEN/MISMATCHED ITEMS: Crafty people love to shop our store for goodies to make their objets d’art. Put all broken chains, necklaces and lonesome single earrings into  zip-lock bags marked “BROKEN”.  We might be able to repair some of them.

Vintage “BUTTONS”: Put interesting craft/collectable ones into marked zip-locks.

Drop off all contributions into or next to the marked metal holiday bin in Kean Library any time through the sale week.

Look for us Saturday Dec. 2  in KEAN LIBRARY, our popular boutique location! If you have any questions, contact Michele Nicosia.

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