Help us build an even stronger parish community!

We need your help. Father Todd and the Vestry want to learn more about how you make decisions about your annual pledge. We want to better understand your motivations, so we can be more responsive to your needs.

We know your strong faith, relationship with God and prayers are the basis of your decision. We also understand that there are some “worldly” factors that influence your thinking.

Therefore, we are asking you to complete a short, CONFIDENTIAL, survey. It will provide very important insights into these “worldly” factors for your Vestry to analyze. There is lots of room for written comments that we STRONGLY encourage. Your insights will help us improve our programs and church life, plus help us learn what improvements we can make to our annual stewardship campaign.

We will share the results of the survey, plus the Vestry’s conclusions and recommended actions, at an all-parish event. We will answer any additional questions and listen to any further suggestions.

To access the survey, just click on this link:  

Once you are in the survey, simply follow the directions and answer each question. You and one other pledging member may take the survey from the same device. You must provide an answer for each question before the survey allows you to move to the next.

Thank you for your participation and input.


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