by Carla Kurth

amen-kurth-family-10-30-16The baptismal gown Avery Rose Amen wore at her baptism October 30, 2016 dates to 1848 — yes, it is indeed 168 years old! The gown has been lovingly preserved by the family, especially by Grace parishioner Diana Evington Kurth, Avery’s great-grandmother.

The gown was originally hand-made by Mary Dixon Evington, mother of Henry Evington. Henry Evington is Avery Amen’s great-great-great-great grandfather! Henry was born October 7,1848 in Manchester, England, and was baptized wearing this gown November 9,1848 at St. James Church in Manchester. Henry went on to become an Anglican minister, and eventually was ordained the first Anglican Bishop of Kyushu, Japan, in 1894. Henry was married to Patience Bedford and had three children, one of whom was Diana’s father, Henry Bedford Evington (1884). Henry Bedford Evington married Lily Hall, and Diana Evington was born in 1921. Diana married Guenther Kurth, and their three children, as well as 3 grandchildren, have all worn the baptismal gown.

Others who have worn the baptismal gown are Henry’s children: Emily Evington in 1882; Henry Bedford Evington in 1884; Cyril Evington in 1886; Cyril Evington in 1912; John Evington in 1915; Diana Evington in 1921; John Kurth in 1950; Christopher Kurth in 1954; Corinna Kurth in 1959; Lindsay Kurth (Avery’s mother) in 1984; Michael Kurth in 1987; Jared Kurth in 1994; and now, Avery Amen in 2016.  Living history!


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