ragbraii 2015

Jim Moore, Ron Ryan, Lucian Biesiadecki, Tim Wooldridge, Myron Peck, Tom Petrie and John Majors (not pictured) were welcomed by the Rev. Elizabeth Duff-Popplewell in Cedar Falls and other Episcopal parishes across the state of Iowa as they participated in the annual RAGBRAI Bicycle Tour.

Grace members Ron Ryan, Lucian Biesiadecki, Tim Wooldridge, Myron Peck and Tom Petrie make up Team Bad Dog. They were among 20,000 people who pedaled across the state of Iowa in the RAGBRAI bicycle tour this summer.

The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) is the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world. Team Bad Dog participated in the final weekend of the seven day tour in July.

The team from Grace has been a part of this tradition for several years. Ron Ryan says it’s a difficult event to explain. “We tell people that it is not about exercise, but rather comradery, eating, and making new friends.”

Along with several miles of bicycling each day, the team enjoyed morning pork chops at Mr. Pork Chop tent, breakfast burritos at Farm Boys tent, lots of homemade pies, corn on the cob, loaded pork tenderloin sandwiches, barbeque, and tall milk shakes.

Grace members Jim Moore and John Majors supported the cyclers by serving as the team’s SAG drivers. The group from Grace was hosted by three Episcopal parishes along the route.

Thanks to Ron Ryan for sharing this story and pictures with us.




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