phillip thumbThe Council of the Royal School of Church Music is awarding Grace Choir Master and Organist Phillip Brunswick with the Certificate of Special Service. Phillip is one of several musicians from around the world being honored this October at a special celebration in England.

“Frankly, it’s embarrassing!” Phillip said about his award. “It does mean a lot to be recognized for the work I’ve done for the organization and for the countless kids who have gone through the program.”

The Royal School of Church Music supports a worldwide network of more than 8,000 churches, schools and individuals. RSCM provides education, resources and training to achieve the best use of music in worship. The organization holds summer camps for children, teens and adults in a handful of cities in the United States. Phillip founded the RSCM St. Louis camp in 1998 and volunteered as the Executive Director of that camp through 2013.

In a letter from Andrew Reid, Director of the Royal School of Church Music, Phillip is being honored “for your considerable endeavours in founding and growing the RSCM America Summer Course and for not only providing education for both young and mature choristers, but also creating opportunities for music directors, organists and housemasters; also recognising your contribution to church music through your work in your parish church.”

The Certificate of Special Service is an award for significant administrative work as a voluntary officer or member of staff within the RSCM; or an award for a significant contribution to church music and/or liturgy at a local level.

Each year, students all around the country attend the camp Phillip started here in St. Louis. Michael Kurth, Lindsay Kurth Amen, Weezer Weir, Laura Cobb, Susan and Heather Monnig, and Meara and Killian Malottke are among the Grace members who have attended the week-long program under Phillip’s direction.

“It teaches all manner of things, like discipline and socialization,” Phillip said about the camp. “It’s not just music, it’s developing a sense of commitment and what it means to be a Christian.”

Phillip will not be attending the October ceremony in England, but will receive his award through the mail.

Congratulations on this honor, Phillip! We’re all very proud of you!

RSCM - 1998

Phillip (top row, left) with the 1998 RSCM campers.



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  1. Susan Leach says:

    No one deserves this recognition more than Phillip; I was there at the beginning and know how much thought and energy went into each detail. I wish that he were going to England to accept his honor; I know he would love it.

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