Tuesday, June 9, 2015
posted by Janis Greenbaum

We’re wrapping up another beautiful day in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. We arrived at our worksite in Juneau just before 8 a.m. and spent our day doing more pre-building work for the Habitat house. We finished the silt fence around two sides of the property, cut more foam board insulation, painted and organized the Habitat work shed and built supports for the foundation. Katie and Will led a project painting the Habitat logo on the sides of the shed — and it turned out really great! Now everyone who passes by the lot will know that Habitat for Humanity is at work there!

The house we’re working on is for a single mom named Astrid and her four children. I’m hoping we get to meet the family before we leave — I think it makes it all seem a little less like “labor” and more like a “labor of love” for the teens.

We wrapped up our work day at 2:00 again and decided to send the boys to the YMCA for showers to avoid another big back-up at the church. Kathy, Becki, MK and Garrett cooked a fabulous dinner of pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon for all of us. After dinner, one group took a walk around Beaver Dam and ended up at the ice cream shop again (yes, Jim got his ice cream tonight!). The other group headed to the bowling alley for a couple of wild and crazy games on the lanes.

I definitely felt God’s presence as I watched these teens tackle assignments that are so outside their comfort zones. And I felt God’s presence again tonight as I watched Katie and Elena be welcomed by a group of square dancers at our host church — it was so fun to watch them having fun with a group of strangers!

Wednesday is our fun day — we’re heading to Mount Olympus theme park in Wisconsin Dells. Looking forward to a wild and crazy day of roller coasters and water slides!

Here is a link to pictures from today’s adventures:


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