Thursday, June 11, 2015
posted by Janis Greenbaum

mission trip 2015 - ben & garrettI’m sad to report that our unbelievably beautiful weather came to an end today. It was raining when we woke up… it rained almost all day… and it’s still raining as we prepare for bed. The cool, rainy weather put a damper on some of our plans for the day, but not everything….

We began at the Habitat ReStore in Beaver Dam this morning at 8 a.m. The ReStore is kind of a cross between Home Depot and Goodwill. It’s a retail store where you can find just about every home improvement item you can think of — and everything has been donated. The money raised from the sales at the store go toward home builds in the Dodge County area. The store manager told us that the store raised enough funds to cover one total home build last year — she hopes this year’s sales will pay for two homes.

Half of our group left the ReStore to help deconstruct a house out in the country and bring windows back to the ReStore. The other half stayed to work with our site manager, Tony, on building projects at the store. By lunchtime the entire group was at the ReStore, thanks to the rain.

Most of the chaperones took a backseat today and watched the youth missioners take on projects assigned by our site manager Tony. One group of teens constructed a fabulous shelving unit from scratch. Another group built a half-wall inside the retail portion of the store — wiring will be added later. Another group worked on an A-frame cart to haul patio doors around the store. Another group reorganized the biggest box of doorbells I’ve ever seen. The youth came up with their own building plans, did the math, cut the wood, drove the screws and cleaned up after themselves.

It turned out to be a rather mixed day for the kids — the group that started at the ReStore felt like they made great accomplishments today. Unfortunately, the group that started at the farm didn’t have as great of an experience working today. But we finished our day with a spaghetti dinner prepared by some of the youth (with a little help from the chaperones) at our temporary church home, a trip to Walmart and an ice cream stop at Culver’s.

Everyone is very tired today — it was tough to get going this morning and the rain kept everyone dragging a bit throughout the entire day. The rain is expected to continue tomorrow. We are meeting Tony at a saw mill in another town in the region to do some work there… it should make for an interesting final day.

Click on this link to see pictures of today’s adventures:


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