Monday, June 8, 2015
posted by Janis Greenbaum

18595154386_81ee7ef82f_zOur first workday of this year’s mission trip was marked with sunburns, sore muscles, blisters, minor skin burns… and lots of fun.

Our group was out of bed by 6:30 this morning for breakfast and a prayer before leaving for our worksite in Juneau, Wisconsin, a small town about 10 miles from Beaver Dam. At this point, the worksite is pretty much a big field with a large shed filled with lots of building materials. Bad weather and a few city ordinance problems have kept the local Habitat crew from breaking ground. We’re all a little bummed that we are still in such an early stage of development, but there is still plenty of work for us now.

Morgan, Tony and Ken are the Habitat staffers guiding us this week. Morgan talked with our group about all the work Habitat for Humanity is doing in the area. The site we are working on will eventually include 10 homes — it’s a very exciting project for them. Tony is the site manager and Ken is the site engineer — they gave us directions, taught us how to use tools and encouraged us to stay productive.

The weather was absolutely beautiful today — a perfect day to work outside, with temperatures in the high 70s and a lovely breeze blowing all day. Our work was tough — we moved huge piles of lumber, constructed door headers, cut and bended rebar (the reinforced steel rods that support the concrete), cut foam board, dug trenches and put up silt fences.

We broke for lunch and enjoyed sandwiches at a near-by park. The kids had fun goofing around on the playground equipment before we made our way back to the worksite for the rest of our workday. After a few more hours of work, we cleaned up the site and called it a day by 2:00. I know that seems a little early to quit, but we were all pretty exhausted (and our site manager owns a restaurant and has to leave early each day to manage dinner!).

We came back to our home base at Trinity Methodist Church in Beaver Dam and started the shower process. The church has two showers in their youth house, which is next door to the church. Unfortunately, one of the showers decided to quit draining, so we were left with only one shower. If you’re wondering how long it takes for 19 people to shower after a long day of work with only one shower… the answer is 4 long hours!

After the showers were (finally) completed, we made our way to Walker’s, a local restaurant and bakery, for dinner. Our group filled the back room of the restaurant and had a lot of fun. Then we headed to WalMart to pick up a few “necessary” items: bread, bath mats, inflatable bed replacements (two beds popped last night), and a variety of other amazing finds at everyone’s favorite discount store.

Half of the group stopped for ice cream on the way home (no, not Mike — can you believe it?!) and the kids are hanging out together playing games and having fun throughout the church. We did manage to squeeze in an evening prayer. I have a feeling lights will be out fairly early tonight, in preparation of another big day tomorrow.

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