by Chris Kurth

trinity hot lunch 2015The  Outreach Committee has cooked up a relationship with a bakery in Ferguson, Missouri to provide cookies on a monthly basis to the Trinity Hot Lunch program.

Vince and Michele Nicosia, co-chairs of Grace’s Outreach Committee, devised a proposal to fund a monthly purchase of 110 cookies from Cakes by Nette for each second Sunday of the month Hot Lunch meal at Trinity Episcopal Church.

The meal is cooked by Chris Kurth and served by additional Grace volunteers. It typically features pork loin, mashed potatoes, a green vegetable and a couple of cookies for dessert. And now our usual Shop ‘n Save cookies will be replaced with delicious Strawberry White Chocolate Chip cookies from the Ferguson bakery.

cakes by netteNatalie “Nette” Dubose had opened her long-dreamed-about bakery a month before the August riots in Ferguson. Looters vandalized her newly opened store. Cakes By Nette had its main windows smashed and bakery damaged.  As a new small business owner, Nette found herself having to make repairs and trying to recapture lost business.  She was featured on a national NBC news segment and also benefited from a Gofundme account started by a customer/friend.

Grace’s Outreach Committee voted to provide $900 annually towards substituting the Ferguson bakery cookies in place of Shop ’n Save’s generic sandwich cookies. By funding the cookie purchase, a new small business owner gets a stable monthly account and clients of Trinity Hot Lunch get a better tasting cookie.  An appetizing combination!



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