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Brian Roche has been a member at Grace since 2005.  He lives in Kirkwood with his wife Tina and daughter Megan.  He works as a Product Manager for Express Scripts. Contact Brian at brian.roche@sbcglobal. net.

As Grace’s representative on the Diocesan Task Force for the Hungry since 2006, and Chair of the organization since 2011, it is my pleasure to provide some information about this group.

History of the Task Force

Created in 1986 as a committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, the Task Force for the Hungry speaks and acts on behalf of hungry people, funds food ministries, raises awareness about hunger and poverty issues, and serves as a resource to food ministries within the Diocese. The food pantries and projects we support operate on a shoestring, but are on the front lines in fighting hunger and homelessness. These pantries know where the hungry are. Our work is to support these groups by providing money that helps keep them viable. We help make it possible for them to do their job.

Planning for the future

There is no better way to demonstrate the Diocese’s identity of “Deep in Faith, Deep in Humanity” than by feeding the hungry. Our long range plans are to continue to meet the funding needs of faith-based food pantries located within the boundaries of the Diocese. We want to maintain donations to meet the need created by the working poor’s increasing use of food pantries. We would also like to grow membership of the Task Force to include representatives from additional Episcopal churches in the Diocese of Missouri that participate in food programs.

The number of people served by the six pantries we funded in 2014, which are located in the city of St. Louis, north St. Louis County, and Poplar Bluff, was roughly 35,000.

Sharing our generosity

Grace has long been a generous benefactor of the Task Force’s efforts, since 2009 contributing a total of nearly $18,000. While some of that is directly from a yearly grant from Grace’s Outreach Committee, the vast majority is from monthly individual donations.

For those of you who receive offering envelopes in the mail, you are likely familiar with the white envelopes with the red borders. The money inserted in those envelopes and placed in the offering plate goes directly to the Task Force for the Hungry, and, in turn, directly to help feed others.

I encourage you to consider a donation to the Task Force. Your money will go directly towards feeding those within our Diocese that are less fortunate.

Representing Grace Church

As mentioned previously, this will be my tenth year representing Grace on the Task Force. It will also be my last, as it is time to turn over the reins to somebody else within our parish. While I have committed to serving through 2015, we will need a new representative from Grace beginning in 2016. A current member will become the Chair. You would just need to be a representative, in order to have a say in how Grace’s donations are allocated. If you have interest in serving in this rewarding role, which mainly involves attending four, one-hour meetings per year, please let me know.

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