diocesan logo_optThe 175th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri will take place November 21 and 22, at the University Center, Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau.

The Convention begins with the Eucharist, to draw us together at Christ’s table and to set the tone for our work, and in the course of which six new deacons will be ordained for our Diocese’s life and work.

Highlights for the meeting include:

  • Addresses and reflections built around three aspects of Christian life, essential to our well-being and faithfulness:
    – Community:  Life together and life with God
    – Prayer:  Both liturgical prayer and personal prayer
    – Beyond:  How community and prayer compel us into mission
  • Updates on the missional life in the Diocese of Missouri, especially as it relates to Making disciples | Building congregations | For the life of the world.
  • News from the Diocese of Lui and Deaconess Anne House, two visible expressions of mission.
  • Words from representative youth of the Diocese and from Elle Dowd, at the end of her first year as Youth Missioner.
  • Election to Diocesan offices.
  • Consideration of a Diocesan budget for 2015.

The Rev. Todd McDowell and the Rev. Jim Purdy will be attending the convention along with Grace’s convention delegates Becky Coulter, Michele Nicosia, Vince Nicosia and Pat O’Brien (alternate delegate). Dick Entenmann will also be attending as a member of the Diocesan Standing Committee.


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