wfdSeven students and three adults from Grace Church were part of a community-wide effort to help feed the hungry in St. Louis and around the world.

World Food Day was held at John Burroughs School on Friday, Oct. 10. Thousands of volunteers came together to package a total of more than 280,000 meals. Our team from Grace joined the hairnet and apron brigade to work a one-hour shift. We measured soy, macaroni and dried cheese into plastic bags and packed those bags into boxes to be shipped to people in need.

After their shift was completed, the Grace youth group made their way to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Ladue to meet up with about 30 students from other churches from around the diocese. We shared a meal, played some crazy games and had a thoughtful discussion about hunger problems in the St. Louis area and around the world.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this important outreach project!



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