by Elle Dowd, Diocesan Youth Missioner

ferguson protest - elle dowdIn a statement the week after the shooting of Mike Brown, Bishop Wayne Smith said, “The tragic death of Michael Brown and the ensuing events have laid bare the racisms, inequalities, and fears that ordinarily remain well hidden here in St. Louis, often just under the surface. I call upon Episcopalians and other people of faith, especially those whose race or culture gives innate privilege, to look upon what has been laid bare, to pray about these things,humbly to learn from them, and to yearn and work for responses that would bring justice.”


What: Conversation on Racism
Youth (Senior High and interested, mature
Middle School students)
Sunday, Jan. 25
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Ferguson
Canned food for St. Stephen’s food pantry
Elle Dowd at

Many youth have had conversations in their schools about Ferguson, race and racism. Due to segregation in our schools and living communities, youth have not often been able to discuss and listen to perspectives that might be different from their own.

We have seen the need for youth to have a safe space to wrestle with these issues from a faith perspective.

That is why we are hosting a youth event focused on Ferguson, the shooting of Mike Brown and racism in our communities.

Youth are invited to worship at St. Stephen’s Episcopal church in Ferguson at the 10 a.m. service.  Following the service, youth will be provided lunch. There will be a service opportunity, hands-on activities and discussions, space for prayer and reflection, and finally, a walk to Mike Brown’s memorial on Canfield.

Following this event, youth, parents and youth leaders will be given a handout with follow-up discussion items as well as resources for continuing the discussion with youth.

I know that this topic is incredibly charged. My hope is that instead of turning away from those intense feelings, we will lean into those feelings and allow our youth to process them in a safe and healthy way that honors in the inherit dignity of all human beings.

If you are interested in attending this program, please contact Janis Greenbaum in the church office.



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