by Ron Ryan

I recently came across a letter written by Frank Thompson in 1994. Frank was a lifelong member of Grace Church, who died in 1995. Frank was a retired architect, and served as our “Administrative Assistant to the Rector” for many years. He made the first coffee pot on Sundays, and greeted 8 o’clockers at the door – just like Bill Cadwallader today!

In this parish-wide letter, Frank promoted estate plan giving. He stated “one of my personal goals is to work to see that a strong financial base is provided so that the congregation may move securely into the 21st century.” Frank would be pleased to know that our Planned Giving & Gifts Committee’s goal is no different. Today, we have two wonderful funds allowing you to support Grace for years to come:

  • Grace Church Endowment Fund – this is our original permanent endowment trust. Income from the fund is distributed to the church each year, supporting general operating programs.
  • Grace Legacy Fund – this is a new fund, providing increased flexibility. This fund allows you todesignate the church programs to benefit from your gift.

There are many tax advantageous ways to give (i.e. IRA or 401(k) beneficiary designation), and any member of our committee would be glad to discuss giving strategies with you. Each situation is unique, so we encourage you to also consult with your attorney/financial advisor.

We are in the process of creating Perpetual Grace – our way to recognize those who acknowledge remembering Grace Church in their estate plan. Become a founding supporter of Perpetual Grace by simply returning a “Declaration of Intent” form by December 31, 2014. Your name will be inscribed on a leaf on our Perpetual Grace donor tree (located in the office hallway) – which will include distinction as a “founder.”

Supporting Perpetual Grace will enable the parish to benefit from your generosity for years to come… just like Frank and many others did for us.

Planned Giving & Gifts Committee:
Ron Ryan (Co-Chair), Larry Reimelt (Co-Chair), Julie Sward, Dick Entenmann, Fr. Todd McDowell
perpetual grace donor tree - todd & ron_opt

Nov. 14: Fr. Todd and Ron Ryan were on hand as our new Perpetual Grace donor tree was installed. The tree displays names of members who have mentioned Grace Church in their estate plans. The artwork rests on beautiful new wood paneling outside the parish office. Thanks to Bill and Rebecca Harrison (and crew) for their work transforming the wall and to Ron and everyone on the Planned Giving & Gifts Committee for their work on this project.


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