by Bob Schaefer

Medicare-LogoEach year about this time (October 15 – December 7), people enrolled in Medicare’s Part D plan get a chance to review their drug coverage and switch plans if such a switch would be beneficial.

However, there are many plans to choose from, depending on where you live. There is also a lot of advertising, both on television and through the mail, trying to entice you to choose a specific plan. Medicare has opened a web page ( that compares the cost of all plans for which you are eligible.

I have been using this web page for the last nine years to select the appropriate plan for my wife and me. But some people are not comfortable using a computer or navigating through the internet. Therefore, I’m offering to assist anyone who is interested in using this website to choose a drug plan for 2015. All information given to me will be kept totally confidential. I will not pick the plan for you, but will give you the information that is available on the web page so you can make the decision.

I can be contacted after the 10:00 Sunday service, by email (, or by phone at 636-938-9008. I am offering this service not only to members of Grace, but also to any of your family or friends that could benefit from this.


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