Eucharistic Visitors are lay ministers who take communion to members in their homes who are unable to come to Grace Church. We recently celebrated the addition of four beautiful hand-crafted wood communion kits for use in this ministry. Dick Corbet, one of Grace’s first Eucharistic Visitors, reflects after a recent visit to a dear friend of Grace Church.

by Dick Corbet

The home Eucharistic Visitor program at Grace did not begin until the end of the Rev. David Fly’s service as Rector in the mid 1990’s. Until that time I think we were the only parish in the Diocese not making home visitations. Ron Jones, me and a few others were the first to be trained and inducted as Eucharistic Ministers – the term used at that time. We eventually changed the term to Eucharistic Visitors.

We had no home visitation kits to start. (My wife) Phyllis and I purchased I believe 10 of the purple canvas “lunch boxes” and some camera bag cushioning material that could be cut and shaped into custom molds to hold the Chalice, Patten, Crypt and Cruet with velvet holding bags. We  also made a donation for the Rev. Llew Heigham,  who was serving as Assistant to the Rector, to purchase the communion ware to go inside the boxes. I’m sure the materials cost much more than what we had donated. The first Eucharistic Ministers had a work session where we all cut and molded our individual paddings to fit.

Those purple boxes lasted for these 15+ years service, until Elizabeth Harding arranged to have custom made professional Communion Boxes to hold the original communion pieces. They are beautiful.

We thought it only fitting that one of the first to be used go to the Rev. Llew Heighman and his wife Ella Jean, who now reside at Meramec Bluffs.

At the end of the service, Ella asked Llew if he had anything to say to me. After a long pause, with a twinkle in his eye, “Bless you.” I think it was a very meaningful experience for both Llew and Ella. I know it was for me. What an honor to serve Communion to one of your favorite clergy!

ella & llew - home eucharist_opt

Thanks to Dick Corbet for this reflection; to Elizabeth Harding for donating the new home communion kits; and to the Rev. Llew and Ella Heigham for being an important part of Grace Church.

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