by Phil Morrow, Junior Warden

recycleTwo locations at Grace are designated as Recyclable and Non-Recyclable drop-off points:
1) Albright Hall and kitchen, and
2) Thompson Room and kitchen.

Both locations contain one city recycling bin and one lined garbage can.

The Kirkwood Recycling website guides us to what may be placed in our recycling bins: plastics #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #7 (not #6 polystyrene); cans, foil, glass and paper (if you can tear it, you can recycle it). Minor food waste is no problem; just scrape heavy waste into the garbage can. No unconsumed beverages in either container, please.

For large functions in either Albright Hall or the Thompson Room, volunteers for these functions take on the responsibility to ensure their group take care to place disposables in their proper location. If disposables exceed the capacity of the single recycling or lined garbage cans, full bins should be brought to the outdoor staging location and tied up garbage bags must be placed in the outdoor dumpster.

Other individual rooms contain one blue recycling basket that are routinely emptied by our custodians. No other lined garbage baskets are supplied or serviced by our custodians, encouraging recycling and reducing odors and pests. Persons in charge of meeting room use may take on the responsibility of bringing in a garbage basket from either kitchen, and then dumping the contents and rinsing out the basket at the end of their function.




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