by Ron Ryan

When giving to Grace, we ask ourselves “How much shall I give?” But do you also consider “Which assets should I give?” The tax code has favorable charitable gift strategies that reduce your income taxes, and provide sizable win-win opportunities for Grace Church and you. For example:

  • During our lifetime, many of us choose to donate highly appreciated stocks. This provides us with an income tax deduction for the donation, and we avoid paying capital gains tax on the stock value appreciation.
  • When planning to bequeath a gift to Grace Church at your death, consider naming Grace Church as beneficiary to one of your retirement plans (i.e. IRA or 401(k)). Your estate avoids paying income tax on this distribution, which otherwise would have been incurred if distributed to your family.

Each situation is different, so talk with your attorney, financial and/or tax advisor when considering gifting strategies. Our intent is to bring these gifting concepts to your attention, and not serve as legal or financial advice.

Include Grace Church in your estate plan, and we will recognize you as a Perpetual Grace supporter. It is easy – just complete and return our one-page “Declaration of Intent” form, acknowledging that you have financially remembered Grace Church in your estate plan. Supporter names will be inscribed on our donor tree leaves – with special distinction for founders.

Download a perpetual grace brochure and the Declaration of Intent form or pick up a hard copy in the hallway entrance to Albright Hall. For more information, contact Planned Giving & Gifts Committee co-chairs Ron Ryan or Larry Reimelt.

Please become a founding supporter of Perpetual Grace. Simply return your “Declaration of Intent” form by December 31.

perpetual grace donor tree


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