by Shirley Browne

Following is an excerpt from a message received recently from the Reverend Kempton Baldridge, who ministers to the crews working the barges and other craft on our nation’s inland waterways:

“The 8th Coast Guard District records 4,400 commercial towboats, yet at present we are supplying Christmas boxes to fewer than half that number. So, at a minimum, we can expect to need more knit goods and more boxes to pack and send. Please keep our mariners in your prayers as they have to endure some particularly harsh conditions. While I am out on the river with them much of the time, I’m not hauling wires and ratchets across steel barges in temperatures of 100-plus in the summer and below zero in winter. Theirs is a backbreaking and demanding profession.”

Our annual collection of comfort items for the seamen’s Christmas boxes begins in November with the appearance of the Giving Tree in Albright Hall.

Our “Graceful” knitters are already at work turning out warm scarves and caps. Non-knitters can contribute hard candy, gum, puzzle books, playing cards, hand and lip lotions and other such items.

Watch for the ornaments in November, which will tell what is needed.

Shirley - seamen's scarves_opt

Grace member Shirley Browne poses at this fall’s Ministry Fair with some of the knitted gifts created for the seamen.


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