By Phillip Brunswick, Choir Master & Organist

EvensongEvensong is a very tiny fragment of something else: it is a fragment of the worship which is offered to God by Christian people every hour in every part of the world. When you come to Evensong here at Grace, it is as if you were dropping in on a conversation already in progress — a conversation between God and people which began long before we were born.

The thirty-five minute service affords us the opportunity as a community to come together for prayer and quiet reflection. It includes Canticles and an anthem sung by the choir interspersed with readings and prayers. Many people find that this provides a space in which to be still and to let our thoughts and feelings come closer to us than our busy lives allow.

Evensong is part of our mission to worship, love and service our Lord Jesus Christ through the Anglican tradition and our unique choral heritage.

Come and join the conversation:

October Evensong

Sunday, October 5

5 p.m.

Sung by the Choir of Men, Women & Teens


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