People of faith throughout the St. Louis community have come together to call for peace in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Grace Church and Episcopalians from around the diocese have donated food, participated in peaceful protests and engaged in thoughtful conversations about racial tensions in the St. Louis area. The story and the prayers continue….



ferguson - stratton & ragland“When things happen like the past two weeks in Ferguson, we must not avoid the conversation but embrace it and even lead it. But we lead it not mirroring the contentious factionalism of the world but the tenacious, grappling love of Jesus our savior and Peter our rock.

“We embrace and lead these conversations by putting before anything else our knowledge and love of one another. By remembering that love and embracing one another more tightly when we hear something come from the other that challenges or even offends us. With God’s help having the grace, in the words of the marriage ceremony, when we hurt one another to ask each other’s forgiveness and God’s.”

The Very Rev. Mike Kinman, Christ Church Cathedral
Sunday, August 24, 2014



ferguson - bishop smith“The tragic death of Michael Brown and the ensuing events have laid bare the racisms, inequalities, and fears that ordinarily remain well hidden here in Saint Louis, often just under the surface.

“I call upon Episcopalians and other people of faith, especially those whose race or culture gives innate privilege, to look upon what has been laid bare, to pray about these things, humbly to learn from them, and to yearn and work for responses that would bring justice.”

The Rt. Rev. Wayne Smith, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri
August 13, 2014



food drive 1Grace member Ron Jones and the Rev. Todd McDowell packed up two carloads of food donations from our parish and delivered them to St. Stephen’s Food Pantry in Ferguson on August 18.

Our food drive was one of many throughout the area that helped restock the food pantry’s shelves while local stores were closed during the unrest. The Food Pantry continues to serve the area with the outpouring of donations received.



food drive 2



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