by Janis Greenbaum, Director of Christian Formation & Communications

social media sunday - anna & toddThe Episcopal Church was “trending” on the morning of Sunday, June 29. It was Social Media Sunday — an event marketed by two Episcopalians to evangelize and build community. Laura Catalano, a member of St. Timothy’s in Creve Coeur, and Carolyn Clement, from the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, asked Episcopalians everywhere to take to their favorite social media for a day and talk about their faith. The result was powerful — thousands of messages and photos hit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.  #Episcopal became the top-trending topic on Twitter during the 10-o’clock hour. 

“We were overwhelmed by the positive response and the number of posts shared,” Catalano said. “We hope many people will take the idea of a Social Media Sunday and re-use, re-mix and adapt it for local and regional events in the future.”

At Grace Episcopal Church in Kirkwood, reactions ranged from sneers to giggles as the Rev. Todd McDowell invited everyone to use their electronic devices during the services. We had a television monitor next to the pulpit to display some of the posts and tweets as they came in from our own parish and around the country. We held a social media forum between services to discuss the important role social media plays in our parish life.  Members were snapping pictures and even text messaging questions to Fr. Todd during his sermon.

Measuring the actual “success” of a virtual event is difficult. But we put thousands of posts out there Sunday morning, which means our #Episcopal pictures and messages were seen by potentially hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people. Perhaps our little social media experiment will have a positive impact on even just a few of them.

I think the real success comes when we figure out how we, as a parish, can productively utilize these tools to further our mission as a church. I was in a Facebook chat Tuesday afternoon that discussed this idea with The Rev. Canon Dr. Kevin Goodrich, a Master of the Anglican Order of Preachers (Dominicans). As Brother Kevin said, it’s not just about using social media to be trendy, it’s using social media for a purpose.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Social Media Sunday. And thanks to everyone who continues to include pieces of their faith in their social media postings. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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