happeningGrace’s youth members are invited to join teens from around the state for a weekend “Happening” event in Kansas City, September 26 – 28. Happening is a Christian experience presented by teenagers for teenagers with the help of clergy and lay adult leadership.

During the Happening weekend there are activities designed for fun and Christian community building among participants. A series of talks is presented by youth and clergy to logically present the elements that define a mature profession of faith and the catechism process. Each talk is a critical building block in the creation of the Happening message. The entire series of talks is given in a sequence that is intended to guide Happeners by opening an avenue of discussions to help them verbalize and internalize their faith questions in a safe environment and hopefully lead to a renewed or new relationship with Christ.

If you are interested in attending Happening, please contact Janis Greenbaum in the church office. This event is organized by Diocesan Youth Missioner, Elle Dowd.

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