by Dick Corbet

John Rogers 1Why is it that we often discover interesting qualities of long-time friends – in the obits and “remembrances” at funerals? In my pastoral care visits at Grace, I have been fortunate to find hidden qualities of the homebound on the visits – and before it was “too late.” Such is the case on a recent visit to long time-friend and Grace member, John Rogers.

John has been a member of Grace for 70 years. I’ve known him for several decades, but was “blown away” when I took some altar flowers to him this summer. Stuck in a corner of the living room, and other places around his home, were several hand- and machine-carved busts of Native Americans, cowboys and other assorted wood carvings. They are beautiful, and I asked John about them and if I could return to photograph them – and him for this article. John was a little sheepish about it, but fortunately agreed.

John explained he had an interest in woodworking from early childhood. It has developed over the years. He explains that he is really a “woodworker” and the carvings are somewhat of a by-product. John is also a certified 3rd Level Extra Class Ham Radio Licensee – the highest level awarded. His “handle” is W0WC. It was one of his Ham buddies that interested him in the carvings after they attended a show together. And the rest is history….

We don’t know how many carvings he has, but has never sold any – even though I begged to buy one of special interest. He has given them to family and close friends.

I am pleased that my curiosity helped find this particular hidden talent in our Grace family. I’m sure there are many more out there. Thanks John, for sharing your talents with us.

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  1. Peggy Rogers says:

    John, your sister compliments you. I have printed a copy to save.

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