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Our 2014 confirmands pose with Bishop Smith and Fr. Todd after their May 17 confirmation at Christ Church Cathedral.

Nearly everyone you speak with in the Episcopal Church will tell you that confirmation is an important rite in our faith journey. But too many times, confirmation is simply about teens doing what they’re told — which often leads to disengagement on the part of the youth.

We hope to change that trend this year at Grace Church by putting a new emphasis on the confirmation process. With the help of a curriculum called Confirm Not Conform, we’re going to empower our youth to explore ideas, religions, experiences and concepts. This program will focus more on their questions than our answers, and put the adults in the role of companions and guides rather than instructors.

This year’s confirmation program begins September 14 at 9 a.m. Parents are encouraged to attend this first class with their students. Along with our Sunday morning classes, our program will include Sunday morning worship, service projects, and retreats. It is open to everyone in 8th grade and older.

If you have a student interested in exploring their faith through our confirmation program, please contact Janis Greenbaum, Director of Christian Formation and Communications.

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