2014 mission trip - unloading truckOur mission work continues with Habitat for Humanity in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our youth members are doing lots of hard work, becoming good friends and making a difference in the world… and dealing with more gnats than you can imagine!

We’re not quite sure why, but Cedar Rapids appears to be overrun with tiny, flying, biting bugs. We have all been liberally applying bug spray several times a day, but the gnats show no mercy. They swarm around our faces, getting in our eyes, ears and mouths. For some reason, they seem to especially like Andrew and Will. We’re praying for a gnat-free day tomorrow!

2014 mission trip - haz suitsDespite the pests, we are getting a lot accomplished and having lots of fun. Today’s mission took us to another house in the southeast part of town and is part of the neighborhood revitalization project I mentioned yesterday. We scraped old paint off the exterior — it tested positive for lead, so some of us got to wear some incredibly attractive coveralls and use face masks. It was really a great look! Kelly and Emmy especially enjoyed the haz-mat suits and continued to wear them even after the scraping was done! (at least they kept the bugs off their skin!)

2014 mission trip - patioAlong with scraping paint, we extended and existing patio. That job seemed small, but took several hours of painstaking digging, measuring, leveling, laying pavers and filling in the edges with sand. Jim and several of the boys did a fantastic job… and the new extension looked far more beautiful than the existing patio!!

2014 mission trip - andrew paintingMike, Skip and Andrew were the only people brave enough to climb the tall ladders to do the painting today, so they were kept very busy. Everyone had a hand in power washing the house throughout the day.

After all our hard work, we treated ourselves to dinner at HuHot Mongolian Grill and then enjoyed a beautiful evening playing miniature golf.

We’re looking forward to another fun day of work tomorrow. We’re also looking forward to our host church serving us dinner tomorrow night and sharing Eucharist together.

To view a slide show from our work day, click on the arrow in the middle of the picture below.



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  1. Sandy Padgett says:

    You all look like you are having so much fun! You are doing a great job. Wish that I were there with you!

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