social media sundayThere are 2 million members of The Episcopal Church spread out around the globe. What if we chose one day to all proclaim the good news on social media?


  • Moses wasn’t using TripAdvisor to find a nice, reasonable hotel in the desert
  • Martha wasn’t on Pinterest looking up recipes to serve Jesus
  • David wasn’t posting his latest psalms to his YouTube Chanel
  • Jesus wasn’t live tweeting events (although all the Beatitudes are 140 characters or less, making them perfectly suited for Twitter!)

However, our faith has gone viral since the very beginning. Paul might not have had a spart phone, but he used social media of his time: Epistles, which continue to spread throughout the world today.

On June 29, 2014, we invite you to join us in being a part of making the Good News go viral. Post a picture, a memory, a favorite Bible verse, or just let people know you’re at church! Use the hashtag #Episcopal when you post.

We did a little number crunching, and if even a minority of us who are already using social media post about the Episcopal Church on Social Media Sunday, almost 10,000,000 of our friends and family will learn something about us and our church!

Grace Church will also host a special Social Media Sunday forum at 9 a.m. We invite all ages to bring their smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras and join us as we have a little fun with social media, share technology know-how and talk about the importance of communications in our church.

We’re hoping to help people of faith get beyond their fear of using digital media and understand that these are just tools, very effective tools, that we can use to do what we (hopefully!) are already doing: inviting others, showing care and concern for people, telling friends about our church and showing them Jesus. After all, social media, when done right, is about the relationship, not the technology.

This initiative comes from the minds of two Episcopal moms… one in Missouri (Laura Catalano at St. Tim’s in Creve Coeur) and another in Connecticut. This is a fun and easy way to be a disciple and spread the Good News!

Read more about this event on Laura’s blog:

See you online!



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