Many of us are fortunate to have safe homes, plenty of food and all the comforts and conveniences life can offer. But a quick glance outside our “comfort zone” reveals poverty, needs and problems on a scale that can be overwhelming. As Christians, we’re called to help.

Grace’s Outreach Committee works throughout the year to respond to human need by loving service. The committee, led by Vince and Michele Nicosia, offers opportunities for the entire parish to give of themselves to help others. That giving comes in the form of physical service projects, fundraising events and special monetary donations.

The Outreach Committee announced the following grants for 2014:

$300      Episcopal City Mission Birthday Party
$3,000   Episcopal City Mission Chaplaincy
$500      Episcopal Relief & Development
$500      Grace Hill Settlement House
$250      Hands on Kirkwood Celebration Event
$1,000   KirkCare Food Pantry
$500      Magdalene House
$500      Shepherd’s Center
$2,000   SPROG Summer Camp
$1,000   Trinity Food Pantry
$2,400   Trinity Hot Lunch

$11,950  Total

Outreach is an important component of Grace’s mission. We appreciate our members’ support through annual pledging, seasonal offerings and special gifts.

Please remember that outreach at Grace is more than financial grants. Your time and your presence is needed at events throughout the year. All our events are publicized in our newsletter, weekly announcements and on the bulletin board in Albright Parish Hall. Stay informed and get involved!

If you have an organization or event you would like our parish to serve, please fill out an outreach information form for consideration. Our next Outreach Committee meeting is Sunday, June 1 at 9 a.m. — everyone is welcome! See Vince & Michele Nicosia for details (


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