by Shirley Browne

Seamen's church institute sketchGrace has been named a “Mariner Friendly Church” by the Seamen’s Church Institute in recognition of our support for the annual Christmas on the River program. Grace people have been hugely supportive of this program for the past three years by contributing hand-knitted caps and scarves as well as holiday goodies for the comfort of those who work on our nation’s waterways.

A beautiful framed sketch of a river vessel moored at the St. Louis riverfront was  presented to us by the Rev. Kempton Baldridge, Chaplain for the Seamen’s Institute. Be sure to take a look at it in its temporary location on the table outside the parish office.

Although summer is just beginning, it’s not too soon to start knitting for the Seamen’s 2014 Christmas celebration. If you enjoy knitting or crocheting and would like to participate in this program, please see or call Shirley Browne  for information.


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