by Dick Entenmann,
Stewardship Committee co-chair

Stewardship 2013We are finishing up our first quarter of 2014 and your Year-Round Stewardship Committee is completing the yearly Pledge Campaign with our thank-you phone calls.

Our 192 pledges have exceeded expectations and the generous commitments will help the ministries here at Grace grow during 2014.We are very grateful to the response to our messages of the past several years.

As you can see from our logo for this year, our stewardship Journey of Faith has captured the theme of God’s Abundance Transforming Lives. That is exactly what is happening as a result of your generous giving. Lives are being transformed both within the Grace community and in the outside larger community as well.

As stated in previous Messenger articles, “God calls on us to share our abundance with others” and ” with your pledge I am sure good works will bear fruit and grow in the knowledge of God in 2014.” I would like to add some thoughts from the noted spiritual director, Henri Nouwen… our ministry should be communal. Your pledge supports our ministries and Nouwen’s belief is that “we don’t minister to; we minister with and among others.” This, to me, says that we all need to try and be involved with our ministries as well as support them financially. Community is the most important ingredient in ministry. According to Nouwen, we can cultivate a ministry community through our gratitude and compassion. There is that word again – gratitude. Nouwen states “gratitude basically means to receive the gifts of God and others — to say thank you. Your pledge to Grace is saying just that… thank you to God.

Your Year-Round Stewardship Committee thanks you for your generous giving. It means a great deal to the communal ministries at Grace.


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