by Chris Mars, Financial Administrator

Did you know… in 2013 Grace received nearly $50,000 in payments through credit card transactions and another $57,000 in automatic bank account withdrawals?

You can join these parishioners and automate your payments to Grace.  Just click the “GIVE” option on our website to set up on-time or recurring payments from your credit card or bank account for pledges, special events, outreach donations, etc.  As with any credit card transaction, there is a fee to Grace.  If you’d like, you can help offset this fee by choosing to donate to “Help Offset Processing Fee.”  Credit card fees are 2.75% plus 45 cents per transaction.  If you choose automatic payments from your bank account, the fees are much less at 25 cents per transaction.

Did you know… there is a new lockbox on the wall near the mailboxes?  This box is available for everything and anything financial that needs to go to a staff member.  It is a secure way to leave payments or other confidential information at Grace. Be sure to include your name and information about the contents of the deposit.

Did you know… Grace will provide offering envelopes to pledging members?  Are you in need of envelopes and don’t currently receive them?  Let us know – we’d add you to the list!

Need help with these things or anything else financial?  Contact Chris Mars, Grace’s Financial Administrator at ext. 11 or


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