lent cross - smallAs Christians, we sometimes forget that our entire belief system is centered on a cross. This happens for a variety of reasons: the cross is fearsome, it is difficult to comprehend, it is threatening, and it can be muted or limited by our theories and theologies. Yet the cross is the pinnacle of God’s story of creation, love, forgiveness, and grace. Jesus’ death and resurrection are what animate our entire faith. But what exactly does the cross mean for our daily lives?

In this course, David Lose invites us to set aside all our ideas and theories about the cross and instead to think of it as an experience. He asks, “What if the gospels aren’t just a record of the cross but an invitation to experience God?” As he reminds us, there’s a big difference between reading about something and actually doing it.

When we begin to see the cross as an event in which we learn — and constantly relearn — the truth of the gospel, we can more clearly understand what we care called to do and how we are called to be. When we experience the cross we can see with Jesus’ eyes and feel with Jesus’ heart.

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