by Sabine McDowell

Get ready for the 4th annual Plant Sale at Grace:

plant sale 2013Growing food is a very special joy, starting from seed especially. Out of practically ‘nothing’ emerges new life when given the right opportunity. The harvest from our Gardens of Grace will serve the wider community and go to Circle of Concern food pantry. To fund the planting, amending of soil etc., we hold an annual plant sale fundraiser. Please consider getting your plants from Grace this year.

Save the Date: Reserve your heirloom tomato, cucumber or basil plant in Albright Hall starting April 13 and 27. Delivery of your plants will be Sunday, May 4.

Pesto Sale still going on… but we will take a break:

We will not be making Pesto this year as the basil spaces will make room for more food to grow for the needy. Get some Pesto while you can! Only $5 per jar.

Composting coffee grounds:

Grace Creation Care Ministry’s Warren Davis encourages everyone to compost the coffee grounds in our kitchen. The grounds are collected in a tall plastic container with a red lid. Anyone with a compost heap at home is encouraged to take these and enrich their soil. Please do not throw the coffee grounds out. This is another effort of our stewardship towards protecting God’s planet.

Welcoming a new Creation Care Ministry member:

Debby Caby will be helping with starting seeds indoors that we will use for our fundraiser in May. She is an experienced gardener and is looking forward to making the Gardens of Grace even better. We are excited about her expertise as she was spearheading the gardens at St. Matthew’s!

Want to get your hands dirty in our gardens of Grace? Join us for a garden prep day, to be announced soon. Email Sabine McDowell at or 314-306 5923 for more info.


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