Catching up with our pilgrims in Israel…

Fr. Todd at the Jordan River

Fr. Todd at the Jordan River

Fr. Todd leads baptism renewal service at Jordan River

Fr. Todd leads a Baptismal Renewal Service at the Jordan River

hotel in Bethlehem

Our rooms at the Casa Nova Hotel, Bethlehem

Mosque of Abraham

The Mosque of Abraham – The women in our group had to don hooded robes in the Sanctuary of Abraham, and everyone had to remove their shoes. Good thing we picked socks with no holes today!

Fr. Todd at Shepherd's Fields

Fr. Todd celebrates the Eucharist at the Shepherds’ Fields.

Muslim prayer times

Instead of a Hymn board, the Muslims had a board showing the daily prayer times for February 15th, 2014.

Betty Bowersox at Church of the Nativity

Betty Bowersox at the Church of the Nativity touching the 14-pointed star, symbolizing the number of generations between David and Jesus. The cave rock below marks the place of Christ’a birth.

holy land - bus ride

The pilgrims enjoy a little time for deep reflection after lunch Saturday.

baptismal pool

Baptismal pool

Sheila Stanton

Sheila Stanton enjoys a moment of reflection.

Jeff Klieve at Sea of Galilee

Jeff Klieve walks along the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Dick & Becky Entenmann on the Sea of Galilee

Dick and Becky Entenmann on the Sea of Galilee


flower in Israel

View the entire photo gallery from the Holy Land on our Flickr page.


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