Our pilgrims sent these notes about their Feb. 12 activities in the Holy Land.

holy land - Todd celebrating @ Basilica of the Annunciation_optNazareth is the biggest town in the region of Galilee. We held a short prayer service complete with singing outside the Church of the Annunciation prior to our tour.  Beautiful mosaics of Mary donated by countries from around the world are mounted in and around the church. (United States picture attached).  This is the most recent of six churches built on this site & the original is believed to be the house where the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary.

Holy land - St. Joseph ChurchNext we went to the church of St. Joseph which is just a few steps away.  This is believed to have been the home of the newly married couple and then the home in which Jesus was raised. Excavations on this site revealed a carpentry shop.

We had an amazing lunch at the Holy Land Restaurant followed by a walk through the local Muslim bazaar and a visit to the Synagogue Church. This is believed to be the place where Jesus read the scripture and declared that it had been fulfilled that day. (See Luke 4:16 for details)

Interestingly, the baptismal fonts at two of the churches were quite large (think large hot tub without the Jacuzzi jets).

Cana_optOur last stop for the day was Cana, the site of Jesus’ first miracle. Interestingly, there were opportunities to purchase wedding wine throughout the town. (see picture).  Today, this church is used primarily for weddings and renewal of vows.  In fact, we had to wait for a wedding to conclude before we could enter the nave.

When we returned to PilgerHaus, some pilgrims stepped into the Sea of Galilee and one was brave enough to swim in frigid water.

Dinner and Compline concluded our day.

Tomorrow, we look forward to visiting seven sites of Jesus’ ministry around the Sea of Galilee.


Jeff Klieve takes a swim in the Sea of Galilee.

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