by Janis Greenbaum, Director of Christian Formation & Communications

stations of the cross for children

Choir Master Phillip Brunswick leads a special Stations of the Cross for children during Holy Week.

The season of Lent is full of some pretty “heavy” concepts for children to understand. Betrayal and death are not really ideas we normally like to celebrate. But it’s important for kids of all ages to hear the stories and understand what happened to Jesus… and know that Lent is about much more than giving up candy for 40 days.

Grace Church can help you and your family have a meaningful experience this Lenten season.

  • Our Sunday school classes will offer special lessons and activities for children each Sunday at 9:45 a.m. during Lent.
  • Parents can enroll in our “Lent for Families” online series.
  • Teens and their parents are encouraged to attend our 9 a.m. Sunday Series classes in LaVielle Conference Room.
  • Stations of the Cross for children offers kids an age-appropriate experience on Good Friday.

Want more information? I went searching online for some advice and found these ideas and resources that I recommend to you:

A family affair:

“The first and most important help for little children is that we as adults understand Lent and enter into it ourselves with real devotion and joy. If Lent makes its way into our home and into our conversations and practices that children can see, they will naturally grow up in a culture that embraces Lent as a season of grace. “(

The importance of prayer:

“Lent is a time when prayer with family is essential.  We are truly preparing for Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.”

Making room for God:

“Decide with the others in your home what you can do to make room for God…. Spend some time learning about the days before Jesus died: read the stories about Jesus’ last week in your bible. Imagine what it would have been like to be with him at that time.”

Giving up: giving alms:

“So I think this Lent it’s good to think not only about giving up chocolate, but actually being generous to people by giving alms.”

Learning with fun:

What We Do in Lent: A Child’s Activity Book ($6.80)
Fun-filled activities for home, pew, or church school, help children ages 4-7 learn about the seasons of Lent and Easter.

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