mount_of_olivesThirteen members and friends of Grace Episcopal Church will become pilgrims in February as they journey to the historic places of our Christian tradition.

Fr.Todd McDowell will lead a trip to the Holy Land February 10 – 21. The group will travel from St. Louis to Israel. They’ll visit many sites in Nazareth, Bethlehem, the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Jordan River and along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. They’ll see where Jesus was born, baptized, taught and where he was crucified and resurrected. Some members will continue on to the Kingdom of Jordan for an additional three days exploring ancient cities and additional Biblical sites.

Grace members making this pilgrimage include: Betty Bowersox, Christie Boyle, Becky Coulter, Dick & Becky Entenmann, Sonja Freeman, Jim & Ruth Moore, Marty O’Leary, and Sheila Stanton. Jeff and Jane Klieve from St. Martin’s Episcopal Church will also be joining the pilgrimage. Please pray for the pilgrims while they are away.

Fr. Todd and other members on the pilgrimage will be sending photos and blogging about their journey while they are away. You can follow their adventure on this site throughout the month. They’ll also share their pictures and stories in a special forum when they return.



2 Responses to Preparing for the pilgrimage

  1. Julie Wiesinger says:

    I’m Becky Coulter’s sister and we’ve traveled together through the years, so keep me posted and keep her under control. (Just joking)

    • jsgreenbaum says:

      Thanks for keeping up with your sister’s travels on our Grace in the Holy Land blog page! We’re hoping to post something new each day on the pilgrims’ trip, so be sure to visit us again.

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