worship6We’ve made a few small changes in our church space that will make a big difference in our church life together.

The first change comes at the altar rail, as we widen the opening to the altar. The original opening only allows one person to walk through at a time, often making it awkward at weddings and funerals. And more importantly, it created a sense of division between the people and the altar.

The new opening is six-feet, six-inches wide — the same width as our center aisle. We lose two altar kneeling spaces, but we gain a sense of openness and reinforce that God’s table is for the people. The new opening also makes it possible for a bride and groom to walk to the altar for the nuptial blessing, side-by-side.

The second change is intended to welcome parishioners and visitors with disabilities. We’ve removed a portion of the fifth-row pew on the Epistle (right) side to make the space accessible to those with wheelchairs and other mobility devices. A portion of the fifth-row pew on the Gospel (left) side of the church was removed several years ago for accessibility. We also have handicap-accessible space within the chair section in the back of the church.

Local carpenter John Kjar was contracted to do the woodwork on the altar rail and the pew for us. These plans were originally approved in 2012, along with plans for our new baptismal font.  We hope everyone enjoys our “friendlier” worship space!


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