adult formationGrace Episcopal Church offers many opportunities to grow in our knowledge and awareness of God’s presence in our lives. Here are our offerings for the month of February, 2014:

Sunday Adult Series

Our Adult Sunday Series meets each Sunday from 9 till 10 a.m. in LaVielle Conference Room. These casual discussions are open to all.

24 Hours that Changed the World
Sunday, Feb. 2 & 9

How does traveling to the Holy Land impact your faith? We’re using video to explore the historical sites of the Bible. Whether or not you’re going on the pilgrimage this month, this class will help you appreciate the impact of Jesus’ final hours on this earth.

The Gospel of John
Sunday, Feb. 16 & 23 and March 2

Grace member Wes Proctor takes us on a unique journey through the Gospel of John. We’ll examine the textual formation of the book to learn about the three sequential authors whose writing and rewriting shaped the canonical John.

Grace Online Academy

Grace’s Online Academy gives everyone a chance to take classes with nationally recognized theologians, authors and expert speakers on a variety of topics — all at the convenience of your home computer or mobile device. The classes are free and self-directed. Please contact Janis Greenbaum to enroll in a program.

Handling Strong-willed Children

If you have a spirited or strong-willed child in your world, you know the stress and frustration of trying to maintain peace amidst chaos! Jerome Price will outline strategies that can help. Price is the director and founder of the Michigan Family Institute. He has worked as a therapist in mental health, hospital, and outpatient environments. He has been published in several magazines and is the author of Power and Compassion: Working with Difficult Adolescents and Abused Parents.  This class is for parents, grandparents and everyone given the ministry of children’s faith formation.

The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John shows us a side of Jesus like no other. In this class we will learn about John was, whom he was writing to, what his main themes are, and how he should be read. The class is led by Karoline Lewis, Associate Professor of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary and author of several books including co-author of: New Proclamation: Easter through Christ the King, which is a commentary on lectionary lessons. This class can be taken on its own or as a supplement to our Sunday Adult Series on the Gospel of John, scheduled for Feb. 16 & 23 and March 2.

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