by Dick Entenmann

Renew and Reclaim Capital Campaign:

Capital Campaign - Renew  Reclaim COLOR 22013 was the last official year or our Renew and Reclaim Capital Campaign. We set an original goal of raising $1 million, needed to accomplish major infrastructure projects and debt repayment. Both of these goals were deemed necessary to position us for future sustainability as a parish.

We received 156 pledges from parishioners and friends totaling $1,095,243. Due to the generous response of the of these pledging families and friends, at the end of 2013, we have received a total of $1,030,088. All of our intended projects have been completed and our debt has been paid off. This has been a significant accomplishment for the people of Grace. What a cause for celebration!

We anticipate additional contributions as individual commitments are fulfilled (of the original 156 there are 116 who have met or exceeded their original commitment levels.) It is not too late to complete commitments as additional projects continue to be identified.

Again, a heartfelt thanks to all of those who have responded to the call…we are surely blessed.

 2014 Pledge Commitment Campaign:

Stewardship 2012_opt2013 was a year of change at Grace. The most significant being the merger with the parish of St. Matthew’s. This has impacted the results of our 2014 pledge campaign in a positive way, but it makes year over year comparisons difficult. We lost 16 pledges from original Grace members, but have added 22 former St. Matthew’s pledges and, in addition, 11 new Grace pledges have been received.

The one statistic that is revealing is that for carryover pledges for both Grace and St. Matthew’s, we have noted a 3.5% increase. This needs to be highlighted and celebrated.

Parishioners have responded in a positive manner to the philosophy of proportional giving, coming from a point of generosity rather than a fear of scarcity. This needs to be continued into the future as we build on the Spirit at Grace.


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