by the Rev. Emily Hillquist Davis

In hopes of arousing spiritual hunger and encouraging broad-minded discussion, St. Thomas Deaf Church invites you to attend Stephen Hopson’s presentation:

“How A New View Can Renew You!”

Even your Bad Experiences Can Transform and Strengthen You

February 11, 6:30-8 p.m.
Grace Church

candlesSt. Thomas Deaf Church (worshiping downstairs on Sunday mornings) is excited to sponsor a series that alternates Spiritual Direction activities with opportunities for Exploration of Body-Mind-Spirit connections.  We wish to encourage spiritual seeking of all kinds in hopes that some new seekers and open-hearted people will gravitate to us as we begin to explore new ways of Deaf & Hearing worship. Our February 11 session is accessible to all: hearing & Deaf.  Interpreters will be provided so that participants can understand each other’s questions & comments.

Here is brief description of our February 11 guest:

“Stephen J. Hopson is a former award winning stockbroker, the first deaf  instrument rated pilot in the world, national bestselling author of  “Obstacle Illusions” and a spiritual speaker, teacher and awakening specialist/coach. He has studied with a variety of leading teachers and cultivated a number of different spiritual practices including Transcendental Meditation and Shamanism/Reiki healing techniques.  His dharma is to awaken people to their true divinity. People walk away with renewed vigor and hope.”


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