mission trip 2013 (500)Each summer for the past 18 years, youth members from Grace Church have traveled to other states to live and work in communities as missioners. Each trip has been an opportunity for service, friendship and spiritual growth for the teens and the adults who attend.

Plans for our next mission trip are underway. All high school students (and friends) are invited to be a part of this project. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The trip will be June 1-7, 2014.
  • We’ll travel to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to work with Habitat for Humanity.
  • This year’s trip is being organized by Mike Heyer, who has been a part of our mission trip experience for many years. Six adult chaperones will be on the trip with the students.
  • The trip costs $150 per student, with confidential scholarships available to anyone in need. Please speak with Fr. Todd for more information on financial assistance. The deposit/commitment is due Jan. 19.
  • We will work throughout the year to raise money to cover the rest of the costs for the trip.
  • We want all the participants to learn about the importance of service, do their fair share of fundraising, and get to know each other before the trip. So we ask each student to earn at least nine points by participating in activities throughout the year:
    – Fundraising (3 points): The Elegant Italian Dinner (Feb. 1) is our main fundraising event. Other fundraisers include a car wash, Butter Braid pastry sales, and a jewelry sale (at the Holiday Sale). More events may be added.
    – Community Service / Worship (3 points): Earn your points by attending worship services, serving as an acolyte or a reader, singing in the choir, coming to Sunday school classes and assisting in the nursery or elementary Sunday school classes. Any community service you do at school or in the community can also be counted.
    – Social (3 points): Monthly gatherings in our new youth room and various Episcopal Youth Group events are scheduled to give you many opportunities for fun and friendship throughout the year.

The Youth Mission Trip is definitely the highlight of our youth ministry at Grace Church. It’s full of wonderful opportunities for students to experience God’s love while serving the community.

If you are interested in being a part of this Grace tradition, please contact Christian Formation Director Janis Greenbaum. We’ll help you get involved and begin tracking your points on the journey. We’ll have a meeting for all participants and parents in early December.

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