church next b&wDoes your busy schedule keep you from coming to Christian Formation classes at Grace Church? This fall, the classes will come to you!

Welcome to Grace’s Online Academy, a place where you can be a part of our virtual classrooms through the convenience of your personal computer. The online academy offers short, simple classes on a variety of topics throughout the year. All you have to do is e-mail Christian Formation Director Janis Greenbaum in the church office and she will invite you into a class. The classes are free, but space is limited. So reserve your spot now!

Our first class offering is “Start a Family Devotional Time” and is led by the Rev. Canon Anne Kitch.

About our September class:

Anne KitchTending to the spiritual lives of children is one of a parent’s highest vocations. Yet we are faced with day to day pressures that can crowd out even our best attempts to inspire and ignite the flame for God that lies in each one of our little ones.

Anne Kitch knows all about this. She’s an author, consultant, and mother who knows how difficult it can be for parents to religiously engage with their children. She believes that regular family prayer time can have a big impact on our children, and has some great ideas for parents to develop and fine tune their shared devotions. In this class, Anne will teach us:

  • Why a family devotional time is so important;
  • How to kick off and maintain a regular family devotion;
  • How to pray and read the Bible with children;
  • How to get over our fears of being in a religious leadership position.

This course is perfect if you are a parent, or grandparent of a family and desire to be more intentional about your shared journey toward Christ.

Learn how to use the online program:

If you’d like to see what it’s like to learn about faith online, you may first want to take a free class called How to Take an Online Class. (Follow the links to register for free.)
If you’d like to be enrolled and begin taking an online courses in Grace’s Online Acadamy, it’s easy! Just e-mail our Christian Formation Director Janis Greenbaum, and she’ll enroll you.

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