by Christie Boyle

amtrak river runnerMark Wednesday, Oct. 23, on your calendar for a very special trip to Washington and Augusta with Grace on the Go.

We will take Amtrak’s River Runner train that morning and meet our tour guide and bus at the train station. The Washington Historical Society (in a renovated fire station), the Art Centre and the Gary Lucy Gallery will be highlights of our time in Washington as well as some shopping if you wish. The bus will take us to a winery in Augusta with box lunches en route, and we will return to Grace on the bus by mid-afternoon. Total cost: $35, an exceptional value.

We MUST HAVE your name and money by Tuesday, Aug. 6, to satisfy Amtrak’s security requirements! Please sign up in Albright Hall as quickly as possible and put your check (payable to Grace Church, memo “Washington”) in the Grace on the Go mailbox across from the church office. We have 26 train tickets; perhaps we can get more if we act quickly, but the train is sold out early. If you sign up and find you cannot go, you may arrange for a substitute.


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