st. matt's goodbyeA good church is made up of good people and good stories.

As we celebrate our merger with St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, let’s get to know each other a little better by sharing our stories.

Whether your church story began at Grace, St. Matthew’s, Epiphany, St. Thomas… or somewhere far away… we’re all part of the same church family now. Leave a reply here and share a favorite or lasting memory.

We appreciate all your stories! By submitting a story here, you give us permission to edit for grammar, spelling and length when necessary. Each story submitted will be posted live onto this website as soon as possible.

Here are a few examples:

From Kit Kelley, St. Matthew’s Church
“Back about 1970 the Needlework Guild undertook the creation of the altar kneelers. They depict the life and teachings of Christ. There were about 10 women who met once a week. Many, many hours of devotion, friendship and laughter were shared on those Tuesday mornings.”

From Shari Strong Bonham, Grace Church
“Our first granddaughter was born prematurely at 2 pounds. Her surviving was questionable and life without complications was even more questionable. Through her struggles, our Grace family kept her in their prayers and she was blessed with God’s love. I vividly remember Grace’s Epiphany Celebration in 1992. It was a spectacular day, complete with brass, timpani, banners and joy. We felt the day was designed just for our healthy and smiling one-year-old granddaughter was was baptized at Grace that special day.”

From Merle Kind, St. Matthew’s Church
“Many favorites of St. Matthew’s Church… One lasting one was the yoga group which lasted over a period of 40 years. You are a ‘good’ church and I thank you.”

Now it’s your turn! Submit your story by writing in the “comments” box below and then clicking on “Post Comment.”

If you have any problems leaving your story, please contact Janis Greenbaum.


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