ecmLogoFebruary 10 is World Mission Sunday in the Episcopal Church. Here in the Diocese of Missouri, we are focusing our attention on a local mission helping children in detention.

The mission of Episcopal City Mission (ECM) is to provide hope and healing to children, ages 11-17, who are at the detention centers in St. Louis City and County, and at Lakeside Residential Center in Maryland Heights, MO. Since 1954, ECM has been the only agency authorized by the Family Court to have an ongoing presence in the centers.

In November, 2009, the following resolution was adopted: Be it resolved that this 170th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri urges congregations to focus on ways to minister God’s children behind bars, those returning to the community, and their families and victims.

Help us support ECM by making a generous donation. You’ll find ECM envelopes in the pews and on the table in the Narthex at Grace Church Sunday, Feb. 10. Visit ECM’s website to make an online donation.

You can also support ECM with your prayers. Please consider making this prayer cycle part of your discipline during Lent, training yourself to see Christ’s glory shining through the lives of these children, praying to see them transfigured in their circumstances:

Monday: Pray for the children at the City Detention; the families of these children; Chaplain Kevin Aldridge; Superintendent Allen Irving, Assistant Superintendent Gerald Hayes, and the staff of the St. Louis City Detention Center.

Tuesday: Pray for the children at County Detention; the families of these children; Chaplains Dietra Wise and Jeff Fabbiano; Superintendent Cheryl Campbell, Assistant Superintendent John Snipes, and the staff of the St. Louis County Detention Center.

Wednesday: Pray for the children at Lakeside Center; the families of these children; Chaplain Dietra Wise; Executive Director Leonard McDonald, Clinical Director Rich Swinger, and the staff of Lakeside Residential Treatment Center.

Thursday: Pray for those children in detention who are certified to stand trial as adults, and their families.

Friday: Prayers of gratitude for the supporters of ECM; and for Interim Executive Director Beverly Bates, Board Chair Eric Vachon and the Board and Advisory Council, Administrative Assistant Rhonda Choflet, and the ECM parish ambassadors.

Thank you for participating in this ministry and our outreach efforts. We appreciate your support of ECM for the youth in detention.

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